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Getting your communications strategy right

They used to say about banks that the best time to start one was 20 years ago – the point being, lenders make so much money, think what you’ve missed in the meantime. In rather the same way, I often advise companies to start effective communications as soon as they can – think what […]

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12 rules for effective communications

There’s no shortage of advice on communications but here are 10 rules to help you get your message across to both investors and other important targets.

Decide what you wish to achieve by communicating – whether it’s creating demand for your equity, generating interest among potential strategic partners, minimising damage caused by an unwelcome development […]

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Communicating your fundraising on AIM

People get excited about stock market flotations because they are (or should be) an opportunity to make money – this applies primarily to new investors of course, but management and the original investors may also be out to cash in some of their holdings.
Yet it is important to remember that an initial public offering […]

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